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What a great tool for busy Mums and Dads - fun for our kids too. My 7yr old had the planner put up in the kitchen in no time at all and had arranged the various activity magnets for our different family members. Easy to use and quick to check each day. Thanks for making our busy days just that little bit easier Busy Kid! (Sheree L)

We love our Busykid planner. It helps everyone keep track of who's going where and when. (Kristy W)

We love it! My son was excited and wanted to use it as soon as we opened the mail bag. It is simple to use and is easy for my 5 yo to identify with as each magnet has a descriptive pic as well as the word of each activity underneath. There are so many activity magnets to choose from, as yet I havent come across an activity that is not included. I also love that there are some generic magnets like 'special event' that can cover a broad range of activities (like Christmas lunch). Very quick, very easy for all family members to use and refer to, and looks great too. Happy to recommend to any mums that love being organized and want to get the kids involved. Thanks Kidspot and Busy Kid, great product. (Michelle J)

As soon as it arrived my son wanted to put it to use. He placed all activities for him and his sister. Every day he looks at it to see what is happening today and tomorrow. Great way for him to learn responsibility for what to take for the day.(Malissa W)